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Trial conception
Design phase
Agreements phase
Approval phase
Site(s) preparation phase
Peer review - may be part of funding proposal. If not, peer review may be sought for further guidance and additional good practice20
Submit to Institutional Review Board(s)27
Submit to Ethics Review28
Submit to Clinical Trial Authority Review29
Set up oversight committees stated in QA plan31
Steering Committee?33
End Point Review?34
Characterise study and identify regulations3
Identify source of funding7
Identify sponsor6
Set budget18
Identify insurance required17
Funding proposal19
Organise appropriate legal cover22
Secure Funding21
Sponsor Approval of Protocol23
Contracts agreed24
Register Clinical Trial25
Regulatory approvals submission26
Assemble Essential Documents in Study Master File30
Study Initiation visit – check all procedures in place39
Study design5
Risk assessment14
Consider study population, sample size and trial statistics12
Consider data management requirements13
Develop Quality Assurance Plan15
Develop Trial Management System16
Set up Clinical Data Management System35
Finalise SOPS36
Complete training in SOPS and GCP37
Information Sessions for study staff40
Begin recruitment41
Develop research question1
Develop Study Protocol4
Finalise Protocol. Send to Sponsor11
What is the intervention?2
Intervention and Laboratory organisation, supply and logistics8
Develop Pharmacovigilance / Safety Reporting Plan9
Finalise intervention and laboratory requirements10
Are study supplies ready?38